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HockeyVR  Download Android APK here for use with Google Cardboard

Gourmet AR with Hovsep Agop, Nabil Mir, & Xingyu Gu


Squishy Smurfs                                                                       Barbara Faye Gallery


Pirate Invasion                                                                        How to turn your car into a Rolls Royce


Microwave Loading                                                              Windows 95 Forever


Surfing in a Sink                                       Flushing an iPad Down the Toilet            Waluigi Looking at Art


Sailor Venus Punching Bag                        How to Fish with Augmented Reality


Color Changing Car                                                               Steering Wheel Art Show


Lens Test                                                                                   Ford Fusion Augmented Reality Advertisement


Rim Changer                                                                           Rollin' Coal

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